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Hello all,

Lets start by clearing up the rumors that have been spreading since the closure of RipperStore.

SARS may be going down next! :
No it's not going anywhere, the team behind the project is very dedicated to keeping a safe and feature rich system to repair avatars accessible to end users!

SARS is inheriting RipperStore! :
No we aren't, the teams have been almost entirely separate besides one or two moderators in common. We don't have access nor have we ever had access to RipperStores internal systems/backend. Their development team isn't joining ours, we aren't using any of their systems and this is absolute.

RipperStores closure is fake :
No it isn't. You have to remember their systems never had profitability. It was actively costing money to continue to keep such a platform alive and it was being kept alive entirely as a hobby, storage ain't cheap people!. CodeAngel has just decided to move on to bigger and better things and I wish him the best in whatever his future endeavors may be.

SARS V2 is RipperStore software :
Nope, same developer as standard SARS development on it has been occurring far before RipperStores closure was announced, just unfortunate with the timing of a public teaser.


To avoid abuse the blacklist is on a per avatar basis but don't worry you can blacklist unlimited avatars given you have control on the account to the extent to place the blacklist phrase in the description.

Our VRCX link is: vrcx://addavatardb/https://api.avatarrecovery.com/Avatar/vrcx 

The above blacklist also works on this VRCX aswell